93 – Mile Undersea Cable Project By Israel To Bridge Europe

The longest electric cable in the world estimated to be 93-mile long will carry renewable energy that will spread from Israel to Europe via Cyprus and Greece.

Israel, Cyprus, and Greece are actively advancing their plans to develop the longest electric cable in the world, which will go on to act as a 93-mile-long or 150-kilometre energy bridge joining Israel with the other two countries and also certain other European nations.

The Ministry of Energy in Israel announced the plans commencement on July 4, stating that the intent is to turn Israel into an energy power nation and at the same time strengthen its position internationally. The cable is going to be partly funded by the EU.

Exporting Israel-Made Green Electricity

It is well worth noting that this cable is going to be built parallel to the seashore of Israel and will carry electricity to the demand locations throughout the north and the centre. The cable is going to mostly take in renewable energy that gets produced in the south of the country.