Arab Forum Advocates For Renewable Energy Localization

Since numerous countries across the Middle East as well as North American regions happen to be consistently diversifying their respective economies, the Arab Forum for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency has asked them to focus on the localization of the nonconventional power sector, stated the Qatar News Agency.

The 8th edition of the forum that was held in Amman, the Jordanian capital, also urged the manufacturing of electric cars locally and contributing towards new sources of energy such as green hydrogen. Moreover, the forum went on to stress the requirement of universities across the Arab landscape to focus on renewable power, energy efficiency, as well as management, apart from electric cars, smart cities, and green hydrogen.

Earlier in September, a Global Energy Monitor report stated that the MENA region has already witnessed a surge of 292 GW when it came to prospective renewable energy capacity, thereby marking a 400% YoY progress since 2022. 

As per the report, the present surge in capacity happens to be substantial enough to meet the demands of energy for countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar combined.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the G20, during the recently concluded summit in New Delhi, had gone on to agree to triple the capacity of triple renewable energy across the globe by 2030.