Clean Energy Workforce In Singapore To See A Growth of 80%

The clean energy vertical workforce in Singapore is anticipated to rise by 80% by 2032 so as to reach around 2700 employees, with the power sector also expected to rise by 800 within the same period, as mentioned in a survey by the Energy Market Authority.

In a statement, the EMA remarked that the energy sector manpower survey 2022 mentioned that the roles in electric transmission as well as distribution solutions, solar and smart grids, and also low-carbon alternatives will see a prominent increase.

Apparently, Singapore’s clean energy workforce employed almost 1500 individuals last year.

The survey went on to show that 83% of Singapore’s clean energy workforce comprises residents, with engineers forming the majority when it comes to the technical workforce.

As per the EMA, the forecasted workforce growth syncs well with the opportunities pertaining to jobs that will be available for the residents of Singapore. It further added that the workforce growth is also anticipated to include data analytics as well as operational technology cybersecurity.

The statement further said that the workers in these areas will have to have skills in data engineering and management as well as security solution execution, thereby highlighting the significance of equipping the manpower for the evolving clean energy sector as well as a digitalized future.