EDP is recognized as the world’s most sustainable electric utility in the Dow Jones index

With its highest classification ever, EDP stood out among 103 evaluated electrical utilities. It is also the only Portuguese company to integrate this global benchmark in sustainability for 14 consecutive years.

EDP was once again recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as one of the global companies with best sustainability practices, being even the first on the list of 103 evaluated electrical utilities. In a year with a record number of participations – 1,843 companies were evaluated, 33% more than in 2020 – EDP again stood out as the only Portuguese company to integrate this global benchmark for 14 consecutive years.

With a final rating of 91 points (out of 100), three more than last year, EDP has thus achieved its best ever evaluation ever since it started, in 2004, to answer the questionnaire to apply for the indices – an evaluation that has already gone up. 42 points since then. In addition to DJSI World, EDP has also been a member of DJSI Europe for 12 years.

Among the sustainability dimensions (ESG) that most contributed to this good performance are Governance & Economics (7 points more) and Social (with more 4 points). In the assessment of utilities, EDP was ranked ‘top2’ in the environmental dimension, ‘top 3’ in the area of ​​Governance & Economics and ‘top 4′ in the social dimension. And, among the 27 evaluated criteria, there are eight in which EDP scored the highest this year: Risk and crisis management; materiality; environmental report; social report; influence on public policies; citizenship; water-related risks and market opportunities. In the last two, EDP also received the ‘Best in Class’ award.

This year’s edition – for which 3,559 S&P Global Broad Market Index companies were invited to actively participate – had 33% more participations when compared to the previous year, which is a new record. In the end, 322 companies were selected to integrate DJSI World, among which EDP – in this group there are 13 utilities, seven of them being electric utilities. At European level, DJSI Europe has selected 147 companies, including five electric utilities, one of which is EDP.

This recognition highlights EDP’s commitment to good sustainability practices in their different dimensions and the positive impact they generate, not only in their operation, but in different areas of economy and society. As a leader in the energy transition, EDP remains aligned with sustainable development and the fight against climate change, key practices to ensure environmental protection and value generation.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is one of the world’s benchmarks in sustainability and was established in 1999 as the first benchmark of non-financial performance for globally quoted companies. In addition to economic and financial indicators, this index evaluates criteria such as transparency, corporate management, investors’ relationships, socio-environmental responsibility and management quality.