EV Charger Market Power Module May Reach US$ 4296mn By 2030

It is worth noting that Power Module, when it comes to EV chargers, happens to be the only core product having a technical threshold in the overall charging pile industry.
The fact is that, as the core component when it comes to the charging pile, the Power Module happens to belong to a large category of power supply products. Its core function lies in converting the AC power in the grid into DC power that can go ahead and charge the battery. The charging module not only goes on to offer energy and power, but at the same time, it also controls and at the same time converts the circuit, which ensures of the stability of the power supply circuit and happens to be apt for charging numerous kinds of power batteries. The performance pertaining to the Power Module not just directly goes on to affect the overall performance of the charging pile, but is also related to charging safety issues, and happens to be the core of creating high-power charging infrastructure.

A Power Module is primarily composed of semiconductor power devices, magnetic elements, integrated circuits, capacitors, PCBs, chassis fans, etc. The key when it comes to the Power Module is the MOS tube switch. When the charging module gets working, the three-phase AC power supply is then rectified and filtered, which thereby becomes a DC input voltage for the DC/DC conversion circuit. The controller then acts on the power switch MOS tube by way of the drive circuit in order to convert the rectified as well as filtered DC voltage into AC voltage, and the AC voltage at this time gets pulse width modulated. Thereafter, the AC voltage is transformed as well as isolated by way of a high-frequency transformer, rectified as well as filtered again so as to obtain a DC pulse, and then charged to the battery pack.

Enterprises with the power module production capacity can be roughly divided into two categories: one happens to be mainly engaged in the production as well as operation of charging piles, which are mostly used for self-production. One type happens to be a Power Module supplier, mostly supplying charging pile production enterprises.

The worldwide Power Module for the EV charger market happened to be valued at US$ 898.3 million in 2023 and is all set to reach US$ 4296.5 million by the end of this decade, thereby witnessing a CAGR of 21.5% throughout the forecast period 2024-2030.

It is well to be noted that globally, the 5 largest manufacturers of Power Module for EV chargers are TELD, UUGreenPower, Infy Power, TonHe, as well as Increase, which make up more than 59%. Among them, TELD happens to be the leader, with around 21% of the market share. Asia-Pacific is indeed the largest market, having a share of around 84%, followed by North America as well as Europe, with the share almost reaching 9% and 7%, respectively. When it comes to the product type, 30KW and below happen to occupy the largest share of the entire market, and that’s around 96%. And when one talks about the terms of product application, the biggest application happens to be passenger cars, which are then followed by commercial vehicles. The report looks to offer an overall and complete presentation of the worldwide market for Power Module for EV Charger, by way of both, quantitative as well as qualitative analysis, so as to help the readers go ahead and develop business/growth strategies, evaluate the market competitive situation, analyze the position in the present marketplace, and at the same time, make informed business decisions with regards to the Power Module for EV Charger.