Musk Says, Electricity, Transformer Supplies May Face Issues

Elon Musk has gone on to express his concerns with regards to the rapid advancement when it comes to artificial intelligence- AI as well as its potential effect on electricity as well as transformer supplies.

Elon Musk: The Biggest Technology Revolution

In one of the Q&A sessions so as to close the Bosch Connected World conference, Elon Musk stressed the urgent requirement for the industry so as to prioritize clean energy generation and at the same time also increase production when it comes to electrical transformers so as to suppress the supply crisis, which according to him could as well happen next year, reported New Atlas.

The technology billionaire went on to cite the rapid growth when it comes to AI technology as well as electronic vehicles, thereby noting that it appears to be growing at quite an unprecedented rate.

The Tesla CEO went on to compare the pace when it comes to technological advancement to the historic gold rushes, thereby indicating that the demand in terms of AI-related technology goes on to surpass any historic industry boom.

According to News Atlas, Musk says that the artificial intelligence compute coming online looks to be growing by a factor of 10 every six months. Like, obviously, that cannot go on to be at such a high rate always, or it will exceed the mass of the universe, but he has never ever seen anything like it. The chip rush happens to be bigger than any gold rush that has ever existed.

He adds that he thinks one is really on the edge of probably the biggest technological revolution that has gone on to ever exist.

While acknowledging the potential risks that are associated with AI, Musk expressed his desire to witness these developments firsthand and not avoid them.

He further says that this is supposedly a Chinese curse- May you live in interesting times, and the fact is that perhaps, we live in the most interesting of times.

Musk remarked that, for a while, all this was making him a bit depressed. He was like, well, are they going to take over, and will one be useless? However, the way he went on to reconcile himself to this question was that would he rather be alive to witness the AI apocalypse or not? He is like, he would rather like to see this as it is not going to be boring.

He went on to underscore the shortage of neural net chips, which one went on to experience in the last year, and forecast that the next bottleneck is going to be voltage step-down transformers, which are necessary for powering AI systems. Musk also commented on the irony of requiring transformers to power AI systems.

Musk said that a not-that-funny joke happens to be that one requires transformers to run the transformers. And the fact is that the AI is like, there happens to be this thing called a transformer within the AI too, and he does not really know whether it is a mix of sorts of neural nets. However, any way, one is running out of transformers so as to run transformers.

He further added that the next shortage is going to be electricity, and one will not be able to find enough electricity in order to run all the chips. He thinks that next year, one will see they just cannot find enough electricity so as to run all the chips.

Musk stressed the interconnectedness when it comes to AI and electric vehicles- EVs, which both happen to rely pretty heavily on electrical power as well as voltage transformers.

As Musk forecasted the electricity shortage so as to meet the demands of AI along with EVs in the years to come, he went on to warn that the simultaneous progress when it comes to these technologies would go on to strain the present electrical infrastructure.

He went on to suggest that by 2025, the electricity supply may as well go on to become insufficient to power the ever-growing number of AI chips. Musk’s points ultimately highlighted the critical requirement for growth in clean energy generation in order to meet AI and EV demands.

The simultaneous progress of electric cars as well as AI, both of which required electricity and needed voltage transformers, he thinks, happens to be creating an enormous demand when it comes to electrical equipment as well as for electrical power generation.

The dearth when it comes to AI computation happens to be pretty predictable. The fact is that a year ago, the shortage happened to be chips- neural net chips. Thereafter, it was pretty easy so as to predict that the next shortage will go on to be voltage step-down transformers. One has to feed the power to such kind of things. The fact is that if one has got 100-300 kilovolts coming out of a utility, it has got to step down all the way to six volts, and that is a lot of stepping down.