Inepro Metering Introducing the PRO380-Compact your space-saving metering solution!

Inepro Metering is proud to introduce the PRO380-Compact, a ground-breaking addition to its extensive portfolio! Responding to the increasing demand for compact and efficient energy metering solutions in the era of smart cities and space-conscious environments, inepro Metering has worked closely with highly valued partners to create the PRO380-Compact.

Designed to be the smallest in its class, this 3 phase, MID-approved, direct-connected meter sets a new standard for size & performance.

Compact size, exceptional performance
inepro Metering has reached an exciting milestone in the development of compact and high-performance 3 phase metering solutions with the introduction of the PRO380-Compact. This achievement is the result of the dedication of its exceptional team of specialists who share a passion for cutting-edge metering technology.

The PRO380-Compact addresses the unique challenges of today’s applications. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for effortless integration into a variety of (urban) environments, including charging stations, lampposts and other space-sensitive locations, while still delivering the essential features for accurate energy consumption measurement.

Key features of the PRO380-Compact
To optimally assist you in measuring energy consumption, the PRO380-Compact offers several features
such as:

  • Size: 12×6.5x2cm
  • 3 phase
  • Modbus
  • LED display
  • 45A
  • MID approved
  • 3 tariff support
    And more…

Experience its benefits and unlock your world of possibilities with inepro Metering and the PRO380-