Partnership with Enphase Energy Will Enhance Swell’s Virtual Power Plants

Swell Energy will begin using microinverters and batteries from Enphase Energy in its virtual power plants, which will enhance and expand solar and battery access for users.

The virtual power plant (VPP) programs from Swell are offered in California, New York and Hawaii. With the partnership, the VPPs will be available to users that have Enphase Energy Systems that include IQ batteries, which will provide more control over energy use and costs, the companies say.

The Enphase Energy technology provides a solar-plus-battery platform that does not expose installers or homeowners to high-voltage direct currents. They help power up air conditioners and well pumps and can go off grid during power outages through an Enphase app, according to the company. The technology also gives users insight into their usage.

Swell’s VPPs aggregate distributed energy resources to customers utilizing home batteries for cost savings and energy reliability. VPPs can provide services to utilities, lower dependence on fossil fuels and add grid stability.

Swell also recently rolled out a distributed energy resource management system as part of its efforts in Hawaii. The service will help Hawaiian Electric’s goal of cutting carbon emissions from power generation by 70% through 2030 and achieving net zero by 2045. The system will help the utility enhance energy supply by drawing renewable energy off the grid when production spikes.

VPPs and distributed energy resources can add to energy flexibility. A program in Maryland is expected to have an energy capacity of 2.2 megawatt hours and an effort by GridPoint and Leap is constructing VPPs to help businesses there with their energy needs. Recent projects in South America and California also took place.

Enphase says it has shipped more than 42 million microinverters and Swell’s VPPs are available to more than 13,000 businesses and homeowners.