South Korea And UK Partner For Nuclear And Renewable Push

South Korea as well as the United Kingdom have gone on to make a joint declaration when it comes to both countries’ cooperation as far as the transition to low-carbon power sources such as offshore wind, hydrogen, and nuclear are concerned.

In a statement that was released by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, minister Lee Chang-Yand and Grant Shapps, the UK State Secretary for Energy Security and Net Zero went on to discuss the nuclear energy cooperation measures, which include the areas of design, production, construction, fuel, decommissioning, and small modular reactors.

Lee opined that South Korea does have an edge when it comes to design, construction, and main equipment production areas, while the UK’s strength lies in decommissioning and also nuclear fuel, and a mutually beneficial collaboration is indeed a possibility.

The countries are also going to accelerate talks on the participation of South Korea in the UK when it comes to the new nuclear power plant project.

The South Korean ministry has also said that through this cooperation, they will also target other areas of clean energy collaboration, with the minister hoping to widen the scope by way of integrating their own manufacturing capacity as well as the European nation’s offshore wind expertise.

Lee also anticipates that there will be organic cooperation when it comes to hydrogen since South Korea possesses technological capabilities in hydrogen applications while the UK still happens to be a leader in technological capacities as far as hydrogen production and solid polymer electrolysis are concerned.