Three Renewable Energy Trends that are Propelling Growth in the Challenging Energy Sector

Renewable energy sources are preferred by most consumers, large institutions, and governments. Due to the reduced environmental impact, improved quality of power, and lower costs, renewable energy is a significantly better alternative to traditional fossil fuels. High demand and environmental concern are expected to propel growth in the renewable energy sectors. However, companies must be aware of other significant factors impacting change in the industry, including major renewable energy trends.

Why must companies be mindful of market trends, and how can they efficiently track these dynamic trends? Being aware of significant renewable energy trends can help energy sector players gain a strategic edge over competitors, stay informed about the changing market dynamics, and capitalize on the most crucial and impactful trends in their market. Infiniti’s trends analysis solutions have helped many top energy sector players identify, evaluate, and strategize for their market trends. To stay a step ahead in the rapidly evolving energy sector, and always keep abreast of renewable energy trends with our trends analysis solutions, request a free proposal.

The energy sector has witnessed significant changes over recent years. Due to rising awareness regarding the world’s environmental condition, governments, companies, and consumers are searching for alternative renewable energy sources. Some alternative renewable energy sources that have been widely adopted include solar, wind, and tidal energy sources. However, by impacting supply chains, economic conditions, and spending behaviors, the COVID-19 pandemic substantially slowed down the shift from traditional to renewable energy sources. As the global healthcare industry works toward creating an effective vaccine, businesses prepare for the challenging new normal. This preparation includes maintaining business continuity, developing sustainable recovery strategies, and capitalizing on current and upcoming growth drivers and industry trends. To help companies in the energy sector, Infiniti’s trends analysis experts identify and discuss three significant renewable energy trends for industry players to capitalize on in the coming months.

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“There is scope for growth in the coming years due to significant renewable energy trends affecting the market currently, and the reduced availability of fossil fuels, changing trade policies regarding the O&G industry, and increasing petrol prices have led to piquing consumers’ interest in renewable energy,” says a trends analysis expert at Infiniti Research.

Infiniti’s trends analysis experts identified the following renewable energy trends and discussed their impact on the energy sector and power consumption worldwide:

Government policies: Governments worldwide have introduced various initiatives and policies to promote the shift from traditional to alternative energy sources and reduce the harmful environmental impact of high energy consumption in their country.
Green hydrogen: Researchers and renewable energy industry players have explored and discovered an alternative energy source that produces no emissions during production or usage and is highly efficient.

Reduced costs: Advancements in supply chains, increased digitization, and other manufacturing changes have helped energy sector players reduce production and distribution costs substantially, which can propel growth with lesser capital cost or investment.