Waste-To-Energy Project of Dubai DWMC Starts In Q1 2023

The largest waste-to-energy project in the world, the Dubai Waste Management Center (DWMC), will start up its inaugural operations in 2023, according to the Dubai Municipality.

Two of the center’s five treatment lines will be in use at first, processing 2000 tonnes of solid waste each day to produce 80 Mwh of renewable energy. The municipality’s plans to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills and find creative clean energy sources will be followed by DWMC’s operations. The centre will help develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly system for waste management in the emirate, in keeping with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the municipality’s goal.

DWMC as a substitute for waste backfilling

The facility is currently 75% complete, and Dawoud Al Hajri, Dubai Municipality director-general, stated that they are in the process of beginning the partial activities of DWMC next year.

DWMC provides an alternate sustainable solution to garbage back fill as well as a clean source of energy, making it an important component of Dubai’s aim to become one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Al Hajri continued. The facility will contribute to Dubai’s continued leadership in promoting sustainability on a global scale.

Receiving garbage, using the generated steam pressure to run the steam turbine, and providing enough rotational power to move the electric generator linked to the steam turbine will make up the first phase of the center’s operation and provide about 80 Mwh of electrical energy.

The DWMC will be able to process 5,666 tonnes of solid waste per day via five lines when it is finished in 2024, transforming the garbage into clean energy and supplying 200 Mwh into the local power system.