A Shade Greener Aim to Supply 35,000 Families with Free Solar by 2015

Free solar panel installer A Shade Greener has announced that they will install 35,000 free solar installations in the UK by 2015.

This will mean lower electricity bills for 35,000 families ensuring an average saving of 35% with many homes able to cut their bills in half. Whilst 2011 saw many free solar power companies in the UK go into administration the A Shade Greener group of companies has gone from strength to strength.

Over 600 people are now employed by the Sheffield based company and the new Bristol distribution hub and head office for the south of the UK opened recently with the creation of 129 new jobs.

Stewart Davies, ManagDirector has a message to all those that think they have missed the boat on free solar:

“Free solar is still free, we have thousands of systems available to suitable homes and out continued expansion into the south means that more people will be able to benefit from free solar.”

Anyone wishing to apply for one of their systems should contact them via their website http://ashadegreener.co.uk/apply-now/

A Shade Greener are able to provide free solar panels to homeowners with suitable homes due to the British governments Feed-in Tariff scheme that was launched in 2010. Since its launch the company has provided over 5,500 completely free installations to homes across the UK resulting in substantial savings on energy bills.

Stewart Davies added: “The ASG Ltd group of companies is the UK’s leading free solar panel installer and has helped many homeowners not only reduce their bills but also do their bit for the environment.”