April 2024 Sees Germany Adding 1.04 GW of Solar Capacity

In April 2024, Germany went on to install new solar systems with a combined capacity of almost 1.04 GW, thereby raising the overall solar capacity in terms of operations across the country to almost 88 GW.

It is well to be noted that until April 2024, the new solar installations in Germany totaled 4988 MW, as per the data coming in from the Federal Network Agency.

Almost a quarter of the new capacity, which totals 1097 MW, happened to be built in Bavaria.

It was then followed by Baden-Wuerttemberg having 684.9 MW, Saxony at 651.6 MW, North Rhine-Westphalia inching towards 645 MW, and Lower Saxony at 512.2 MW.

Of the solar systems that were launched in April 2024, just 99% happened to be subsidy-free, with the ground mounted ones being 83 MW. As far as the subsidized facilities were concerned, 596 MW happened to be rooftop installations, and almost 347 MW were solar plants that were ground-mounted.

The fact is that unlike the solar system boom, new wind installations happened to touch just 138 MW in April 2024, which was down from March 2024 where 217 MW was seen. Apart from this, even the authorization activities also slowed down, as in the first four months of 2024, the authorities went on to clear projects with a combined capacity of 473 MW, which was prominently below the 1562 MW level that was seen in March 2024.

In the first four months of 2024, the development permissions that were issued in terms of wind power facilities had a combined number of 3311 MW. As of April end, the country’s gross onshore wind capacity in terms of operations reached 61 GW, and the total number of turbines was 29,673.