Energy Game-Changer wanted: Apply for the international innovation prizes for the new energy world today!

The energy industry’s most prestigious international innovation prizes shine a spotlight on pioneering solutions and projects for the new energy world. Market leaders, SMEs, start-ups, and plant and system owners are invited to apply for The smarter E AWARD, the Intersolar AWARD and the ees AWARD by March 31, 2021.

The industry’s best will take center stage at The smarter E Europe on June 9, 2021 when they will be honored for innovations that are shaping an intelligent and sustainable energy supply. The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry, brings together four exhibitions and conferences where attendees can discover trends surrounding cross sector, intelligently connected concepts and solutions for the efficient generation, storage, distribution and use of renewable energy. Related to these topics, the innovation prizes The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD are presented. They showcase particularly groundbreaking solutions and projects, giving international visibility to the winners.

Trends in the new energy world

From photovoltaics (PV) and storage systems to e-mobility and energy management, climate protection targets and the need to decarbonize industry are increasing demand for technologies, products and services that enable renewable power and heat to be used more efficiently and cost-effectively. There is an increasing call for versatile, rapidly responsive solutions capable of enhancing self-generation and stabilizing power grids and the entire energy system. This means that along with optimized battery-based storage units, solutions for demand side management and virtual power plants, seasonal storage systems (e.g. for storing energy in the form of hydrogen), and hybrid applications are growing in importance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also a key technology for the new energy world. It forms the basis for new applications and business models, including for cloud-based platforms for the regional marketing of surplus solar power, improved yield and weather forecasts and real-time monitoring, the decentralized supply of districts, and smart electric car charging.

Photovoltaics: Greater power, higher yields

The solar industry is paying ever greater attention to increasing yields and generating power in a way that uses surface areas efficiently. Examples of this include building-integrated PV, agricultural PV and floating PV as well as scalability and compatibility with open data interfaces. The PV industry is further reducing costs and perfecting products by using better and larger silicon wafers, bifacial cells and improved module technology.

Energy storage for a reliable power grid and smart energy management

The energy storage industry is also aware of its importance to the energy transition, as better, lower-cost storage systems are needed to balance out the integration of more and more renewable sources of electricity. Huge progress is being observed in the area of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, for example, with ongoing improvements being made to their durability, charge and discharge speed, cost-effectiveness, and ability to be recycled. From mobile and stationary battery and energy storage technologies to components for energy storage systems and battery production technologies, these innovations are driving the modernization of our energy infrastructure and have an important role to play in the creation of a flexible and reliable grid system.

The efficient distribution and use of renewable electricity and heat, smart energy management, integrated energy solutions, and sector coupling in buildings and districts are just as crucial for the success of the energy transition. Innovations include complete solutions for sector coupling in districts and commercial buildings, the smart implementation of Redispatch 2.0 in the electricity market, enhanced smart metering solutions with added value for prosumers, and combined heat and power plants with a greater proportion of hydrogen.

Three awards for energy game-changers

Particularly innovative solutions and projects have the chance to gain recognition by being awarded with one of the energy industry’s three most prestigious innovation prizes – The smarter E AWARD, the Intersolar AWARD and the ees AWARD. Market leaders, SMEs, start-ups, and plant and system owners have until March 31, 2021 to submit their application. An independent international panel of experts will evaluate the applications based on their degree of innovation, safety standards, economic, environmental and technical benefits, and uniqueness, before announcing the winners. The finalists and winners will enjoy increased reach and visibility, will stand out from their competitors in the extremely dynamic energy industry, and will be able to take advantage of new business opportunities.


The smarter E AWARD recognizes solutions that draw on renewable energy, decentralization and digitalization to intelligently connect all aspects of energy in the electricity, heating and transportation sectors. While the category of Outstanding Projects honors completed projects in the areas of solar, storage, sustainable mobility and energy management, the Smart Renewable Energy category shines a spotlight on conceptualizations and products in the areas of sector coupling, Power-to-X, digitalization and grid infrastructure.


The solar industry’s flagship award, the Intersolar AWARD pays tribute to companies in the category of Photovoltaics that are setting trends in the industry with high-performance solar modules, cutting-edge cell technologies, enhanced inverters or unique substructures.


The ees AWARD celebrates products and solutions in the category of Electrical Energy Storage that are contributing to a smart, sustainable and cost-effective energy supply, be it through mobile or stationary battery and energy storage technology, components for energy storage systems or battery production technologies.