EU commissioner ponders raising import duties on China-made solar panels

The European Union is mulling imposing heavy import taxes on solar panels manufactured in China to defend stumbling European solar manufacturers.

The trade commissioner Karel De Gucht is advising its EU counterparts to raise import duties on Chinese solar panels in a bid to reduce its foothold in the European market.

The strategy is aimed at highlighting the domestic manufacturers including its largest solar panel producer SolarWorld.

Back in September 2012, the commission launched an enquiry after German and Italian companies accused China of subsidizing its producers with heavy loans to surge production to 20 times of its market, reported Reuters.

De Gucht is of the opinion that China is using EU market as a dumping ground and he is keen to propose regulatory measures to the countries under the union.

The news agency quoted a person familiar with the developments as saying that Germany would back the commissioner’s proposal.

“Germany does not usually do so in trade defense measures, but this is an important industry under attack,” added the source.