Hydrogen Plant To Be Powered By Excess Solar Power In SA

South Australia, the Australian state, is intending to build the world’s biggest hydrogen power station, which is going to be fuelled by the world’s largest electrolyzer.

The Office of Hydrogen Power in South Australia will develop the 200 MW system and the 250 MW electrolyzer.

The facility will be constructed close to Whyalla, approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Adelaide, and the South Australian government will pay the entire US$414 million price tag for it.

According to Sam Crafter, the Office of Hydrogen Power’s chief executive, the goal was to establish a green hydrogen hub at Whyalla’s Port Bonython. As per him, this would serve as a springboard for the larger projects the industry is hurrying to be a part of.

The project will also assist in balancing supply and demand on South Australia’s grid. The state currently produces more solar energy than it can consume; the administration has previously requested that consumers turn on as many appliances as possible to avoid an overload.

The electrolyzer will run throughout the day when the solar power output is at its highest and be shut off at night.

South Australia currently generates more than 69% of its electricity from wind and solar, with this figure predicted to climb to 100% by 2030.