Lightsource BP Builds Largest PV Project in India with 200,000 High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Modules supplied by LONGi Solar

Lightsource BP announces the completion of its first utility PV project in India. The project, built on 240-acre in Maharashtra in central India deploys 200,000 high-efficiency monocrystalline modules supplied by LONGi Solar.

The project is the largest and the first of the tenders that Lightsource BP has secured with the Solar Energy Corporation India (SECI). Its completion is an important milestone for Lightsource BP.

Nick Boyle, CEO of Lightsource BP, said, “We want to support the development of public utilities in India with efficient clean energy sub-products and technologies. When officially grid-connected, the project will provide clean electricity to about 20,000 households in Maharashtra, greatly improving local lifestyle.”

With continuous innovations in high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-yield PV products and best LCOE solutions, LONGi Solar has gained recognition worldwide with reliable products and guaranteed performance. As a global leading monocrystalline module manufacturer, LONGi Solar will accelerate the application of high-efficiency PV products and make continuous efforts towards green production and advancing grid parity.

Lightsource BP was formed after British oil giant BP acquired Europe’s largest solar developer Lightsource. The company is dedicated to building solar projects in the United States, India, Europe and the Middle East with plans to deploy more than 8 GW solar capacity globally in the next 5 years.