ORIX to develop two rooftop solar plants totalling 2.7MW in Japan

ORIX announced plans to develop two solar power plants totalling 2.7MW capacity on the roofs of Hokuriku-based retailer PLANT’s two large commercial facilities in Japan.

ORIX will rent the roofs of Otama Store in Fukushima Prefecture and Sakaiminato Store in Tottori Prefecture from PLANT, which has agreed the proposal as its large stores have strong, flat roofs suitable for the solar power generation business.

Earlier, ORIX announced its plans to develop mega-solar and rooftop solar power generation businesses.

Under the rooftop solar power generation business, the company rents the roofs of factories, warehouses and other facilities owned by customers, while it installs solar power systems on leased land under mega-solar power generation business.

ORIX aims to develop the mega-solar power generation business with a total capacity of 300MW in three years from the fiscal year ended 31 March 2013, while it plans to add 100MW under the rooftop business.