Photovoltaic market in Poland – The current state and development prospects

On what stage of development the Polish photovoltaic sector is? Is it possible to use more potential of the PV market in Poland in the near future?

Everything indicates that it is possible because the photovoltaic market is in the stage of dynamic changes what has a great significance in the context of the renewable sources of energy. This topic will be widely presented during the Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and will be reflected both in the interesting events and offer of the exhibitors. The seventh edition of the Trade Fair RENEXPO® Poland 2017 will be held from 25 to 27 October in the Warsaw Exhibition Centre EXPO XXI. The organizer of the event is REECO Poland.

As it arises from the reports of RWE Polska and the Institute for Renewable Energy a role of renewable energy sources in Poland increases. Obvious development of the renewable energy sources is clearly visible based on the example of the photovoltaic sector. Instability of regulations, uncertainty of subsidies in 2016 and unclear conditions of support for the investors for 2017 had not stopped technological development within the scope of micro installations and more powerful photovoltaic systems. The newest research carried out by the Institute for Renewable Energy (report of May 2017 concerning year 2016) indicates that there is great potential in the Polish PV sector.

Production capacities of tested companies were equal to 143 MW/year in 2016 and were used only in approx. 20%. Furthermore – they can significantly increase in 2017 to 223 MW/year because of development of production lines. From comments of the companies it arises that photovoltaics will have the fastest development in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, that is business prosumers, reaching 20-200 kW. Therefore, it is worth creating a research programme and strengthen support in the context of technological development of the photovoltaics sector, which evidently has great production resources. Will such movements take place in the near term? What new models of financing for photovoltaic in Poland can we expect? Speakers of the international trade conference “Photovoltaic in Poland”, which will be held during the first day of the RENEXPO® Poland 2017 Trade Fair on 25 October, will try to answer these and similar questions. While 6th PV Forum, planned for the third day of the trade fair, 27 October, will be an occasion to present the newest technological achievements in this sector. Both events are organized in cooperation with the Polish Society for Photovoltaics (PTPV) and with DSc. Stanisław Pietruszko, the chairman of the PTPV in particular.

Photovoltaic in Poland and PV Forum
The representation of the European Commission and European association for solar industry – SolarPower Europe, will present during the conference “Photovoltaic in Poland – Polish photovoltaics on the threshold of change” the conditions of the photovoltaic in the world and directions for its development. The most important and the most current topics concerning perspectives of development of photovoltaic market in Poland will be also discussed. The speakers will put particular emphasis on issues concerning quality of solar modules, on which energy output of the PV systems and their durability depends in large extent. In addition, the issues connected with legal and administrative regulations, designing, installing, connecting to grid as well as monitoring and servicing of the high-power PV system (industrial power plants) will be presented. Up to date topic of new options for financing of photovoltaics and self-consumption for the systems installed on roofs of the enterprises and apartment buildings will be also present. The conference is intended for direct and indirect representatives of the PV sector and power industry which includes, among others: contractors, distributors, power plants, transmission system operator and representatives of the services sector connected with the PV sector (banks, consulting companies, law firms) and representative of the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOSiGW). – It is already seventh conference dedicated for photovoltaics in Poland and we must admit that the event is very popular each year, with many guests from abroad – Małgorzata Bartkowski, Project Manager of the RENEXPO® Poland 2017 Trade Fair says.

In addition, the PV Forum looks to be very exciting, during which the companies participating in the trade fair will present their newest achievements and technological novelties in the field of photovoltaics. The Forum will end with a discussion and open-ended questions to the speakers.

Products and services from the PV sector
Know-how events dedicated to photovoltaics issues will be supported by an interesting offer of the companies from the PV sector, which will include: Huawei, Globtechnic Sp. z o.o, BRUK-BET SOLAR, SEMICON Sp. z o.o., FreeVolt Sp. z o.o., Corab Sp. z o.o., Jean Müller Polska Sp. z o.o., SOLTEC s.c., SunSol Sp. z o.o., ALUMERO Metal Components Sp. z o.o., BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH, IBC SOLAR s. r. o., Photomate s.r.o., Zeversolar GmbH, US SOLAR LLC. The visitors will have a chance to see products and services from the other sectors of the renewable sources of energy, such as: generation of power from wood, biomass, biogas and biofuel (bioenergy); wind power, CHP – cogeneration; energy efficient construction and redevelopment of buildings; hydroelectric power; heat pumps; geothermal energy; solar power.

RENEXPO® Poland trade fair are international platform for meetings of the experts from the sector of renewable sources of energy and they show a potential and possibilities for development of this market in Poland. They are distinguished by extended substantial part, provoking to discussion and searching of innovative solutions. Three days of trade fair are filled with international conferences, industry fora, congresses, during which the topics important for the renewable sources of energy market are discussed. This year’s accompanying events will concern the most popular topics, including: energy from a biogas, water power engineering, electric vehicles, energy storage, energy efficiency. In addition, a new issue will show up – intelligent solutions in power industry. Furthermore, the trade fair allows expanding a network of business contacts during “Cooperation meetings”.

Rules of admission to trade fair and associated events
Entry to the RENEXPO® Poland 2017 Trade Fair is free of charge after previous registration on in the “Visitors” tab. Participation in the “Polish Photovoltaics” conference is possible after previous registration and purchase of entry ticket, while participation in the PV Forum jest free of charge and requires only previous registration. More information you will find on the website of the trade faire organizer