Power-One supplies string inverters for 8.1MW rooftop solar plant in Germany

US-based PV inverter producer Power-One has powered 8.1MW crystalline rooftop solar power plant in Germany with its Aurora Trio string inverters.

The solar installation, which was designed and built by solar service provider WIRSOL and owned by pfenning logistics, was connected to the grid at the end of July 2013.

Built on the roofs of two building blocks of logistic centre, the plant with a total area of 11 hectares features over 33,000 crystalline PV modules and 255 of Power-One’s string inverters.

The project owner pfenning will use the solar PV plant’s annual output self consumption and can up to 5,171 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Power-One Northern EMEA sales director Gerhard Schackert said that this project demonstrates the solar PV market is still capable of generating revenues for German investors despite the recent government’s recent feed-in tariff reductions.