Abengoa to build 215MW biomass plant for Belgian Eco Energy

Belgian Eco Energy (Bee) has selected Spain-based energy and environment firm Abengoa for construction of a 215MW biomass powered plant in Ghent, Belgium.

The project will involve an investment of more than €315m ($395m). The plant is likely to be the largest biomass power facility worldwide and will be fuelled by 100% raw materials that include wood chips and agro-residues.
Under the deal, Abengoa will carry out engineering, design and construction for the facility. The project will open up almost 1,100 job opportunities during its execution phase, Abengoa stated.
“The plant is likely to be the largest biomass power facility worldwide.”
Once operational, the facility is expected to help the Western European country to meet the environmental standards set by the European Union.
Out of the 215MW produced clean thermal energy at the plant, around 100MW will be distributed to the local industries and homes in Ghent using ‘district heating’ system.
Abengoa has previously set up power lines and has water plants and solar projects under its portfolio. The firm has built biomass plants in Europe, Latin America and the US.
It inaugurated its first biofuel facility worth $500m last month in Kansas, US, which uses crop wastes to produce biofuels, reports Bloomberg.