Celsius confirms coal potential in Uzgen basin coking coal project in Kyrgyz-Republic

Celsius Coal has reported raw coal laboratory test results for 2013 drilling for Uzgen basin coking coal project in Kargasha area, central Kyrgyz-Republic.

The coal quality data has been provided by SGS labs to the Celsius Coal. Most sample from drill holes DDTK0008 and DDTK0011 have resulted in Free Swell Index numbers (FSI) in the range of 6.5 to 8.5, indicating good coking potential.

The drill holes results are consistent with the laboratory results from the 2012 drilling program, indicating more coking coal potential in the area.

Float/sink beneficiation testing is underway for samples collected from the two drill holes while the results are expected in March.

The results will help the company with mining studies, which is currently underway, as well as for discussions with potential off-take partners.

Celsius Coal executive chairman Alex Molynuex said, “We are eagerly looking forward to seeing results from our first drilling campaign in the Kokkia tenement and will be sharing those with the market and potential customers as soon as we receive them.”