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Getzner provides vibration isolation systems for Indian power plants

  • The Austrian company Getzner recently isolated the motor driven boiler feed pump (MDBFP) foundations at the thermal power plant in Salaya, Gujarat, amongst many others.
  • High-tech solution for pump weighing 276 tons and units with different rotational speed: Tests confirmed convincing performance and reliability.
  • Getzner will present its innovative vibration isolation system at the POWER-GEN trade show in New Delhi from 5-7 May 2014 (Booth number 1120-1121).


Pune (3 April 2014) – The Austrian company Getzner, experts for vibration isolation, recently installed their innovative solutions at two thermal power plants by Essar Power in Salaya/Gujarat and Mahan/Madhya Pradesh. “Designers of plants often face the challenge of fitting the power plant machinery in the limited space available. There is a great risk of vibrations generated from this machinery getting transferred to the structural elements of the building or to the other machine foundations”, explains Sanjay Risbood, CEO of Getzner India Pvt. Ltd. 

In the Essar Power plants, Getzner installed its vibration isolation system to isolate the motor driven boiler feed pump (MDBFP) foundations as well as the seal air fan (SAF) foundations. At the 1200 MW Salaya plant in Gujarat, engineers faced the problem that the deep-seated block foundations of the pump are located very near to structural columns of the turbine generator building. “To eliminate the risk of structural damage to these columns, it was necessary to isolate the foundation from the neighbouring structure”, says Risbood. The boiler feed pump weighs 276 tons and has four different units including the motor, a hydraulic coupling, pump and others. “The units have different operational speeds ranging from 1490 rpm to 5254 rpm. All of this makes a high-end vibration isolation crucial.”

Patented solutions: Sylomer® and Sylodyn®

Getzner has been providing its vibration isolation solution based on microcellular polyurethane elastomer (MPE) products for more than 40 years: Sylomer® and Sylodyn®. The uniqueness of MPE is that it both isolates and damps. “At the Salaya plant, we calculated the requirements and designed a vibration isolation system with a 50mm thick layer of MPE below the foundation. The solution comprised Sylomer® of different grades to tackle varying load distribution across the whole length and width of the foundation block”, informs Sanjay Risbood. After the installation in the year 2010, tests were carried out in 2013, confirming the good performance and reliability. The simplicity of design and installation as well as the maintenance free operation are other key assets.

Successfully installed all over India and the world

From Bihar and Rajasthan to Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh: Getzner has provided its innovative solutions in numerous power plant projects throughout India. The company’s vibration isolation solutions are working in different parts of the world for large industrial foundations. These foundations include turbines, generators, mills, fans, pumps and compressors in power, steel and mineral processing sectors. From 5-7 May 2014, Getzner will present its innovative vibration isolation solutions at the POWER-GEN trade show in New Delhi (Booth number 1120-1121).

Caption: Installation of the green Sylomer® layer at the Salaya plant. The structural column of the turbine generator building can be seen near the VIS on the left.

About Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH – the good vibrations company: Getzner Werkstoffe is one of the leading specialists in vibration isolation and was established in 1969 as a subsidiary of Getzner, Mutter & Cie. The materials on which the solutions are based are Sylomer® and Sylodyn®, both of which were developed and manufactured in Buers, Austria. They are used in the rail, construction and industry sectors. The company markets its products throughout the world.

Alongside its locations in Buers and in Germany, Getzner Werkstoffe also has sites in Japan, China, India, France, Jordan and the USA. Its tightly-knit distribution network in Europe is complemented by its distribution partners in South America and the Far East. The company’s partners in a total of 35 countries around the world distribute Getzner Werkstoffe products to every location. By reducing noise and vibration, Getzner is making a valuable contribution towards enhancing people’s quality of life.

Dates and facts about Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH
Foundation: 1969 (as a subsidiary of Getzner, Mutter & Cie)
Chief Executive Officer: Ing. Jürgen Rainalter
Employees: 220 in Buers, 99 abroad
2013 turnover: EUR 65.1 Mio.
Business areas: Railway, Construction, Industry
2013 output: 7,816 tonnes of technical PU materials
2013 recycling: 9 tonnes of residual PU material
Locations: Buers (AT), Munich (DE), Berlin (DE), Amman (JO), Tokyo (JP), Pune (IN), Beijing (CN), Kunshan (CN), Charlotte (US)
Ratio of exports: 86 percent

Getzner India:

In 2009, Getzner started its 100% subsidiary in India to provide prompt marketing and technical services for the customers in India. The contact details of the Indian subsidiary:

Getzner India Pvt ltd.
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