Fundy Tidal to seek public comment on two small tidal projects in Nova Scotia

Fundy Tidal will seek public opinion for two small-scale tidal community feed-in tariff (COMFIT) projects on November 14, 2013 in the multipurpose room of the Islands Consolidated School in Freeport.

The company has received approval from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy for the two tidal projects of 500kW each in Grand and Petit passages.

The Grand passage is around 4.25km long, measuring from the northern tip on the Brier Island side (North Point), to the southern tip on Long Island (Dartmouth Point), while the Petit passage is around 3.4m long, measuring from the northern tip on the Long Island side, to the southern tip on Digby Neck.

The Bay of Fundy, claimed to have world’s highest tides, is helping the province in tidal energy development and the tides in the area are estimated to have a potential to generate around 2,500MW of power.

COMFIT, a part of Renewable Electricity Plan, provides feed-in tariffs for locally-based renewable electricity projects.