Pulse Tidal secures lease agreement to deploy 1.2MW power system in UK

Crown Estate has awarded an agreement for lease to Pulse Tidal for the deployment of a 1.2MW tidal power generating machine on a seabed area near Lynmouth in Devon, UK.

The Lynmouth site is shallow, in 15-20m water and lies just off Foreland Head and Foreland ledge reef. Pulse chief executive Bob Smith said, the chosen site off Lynmouth is a very attractive location for the company with a great tidal resource and a nearby grid connection.

“It was the site for an earlier consented tidal power project so we already know a great deal about it,” added Smith. “Lynmouth is also part of the South West Marine Energy Park, which provides access to local businesses and research facilities to provide an ideal environment for the development of our tidal power system.”

Pulse CTO Marc Paish said “Lynmouth is a great demonstration of this as it is relatively shallow – at only 18m – and yet Pulse-Stream can produce 1.2MW there.” Pulse Tidal is planning to deploy its Pulse-Stream system in 2014, following the consultation, environmental studies and permission.