Applications Sought For 2 Offshore Wind Farms By Norway

Norway, in the week ending April 1, has gone on to open a competition to create offshore wind farms across two areas of its continental shelf, which happens to be the first step of the country’s plan to generate 30 GW per year by 2040.

The interested companies happen to have time until August 4 so as to apply to develop the Sorlige Nordsjo II area and also time till September 1 to develop the Utsira Nord region, as per the ministry of petroleum and energy.

The Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Store, commented that leading Norway through the green shift happens to be one of the major tasks for the government.

So as to develop the country further, the answer to all the questions happens to be that they really do need more energy production, which is why, according to the Prime Minister, this development marks a milestone.

It is well to note that the ministry is looking out for one developer for Sorlige Nordsjo to be chosen by way of an auction among the bidders who have already pre-qualified for the process.

As far as Utsira Nord is concerned, the ministry is seeking floating wind developers across three areas. As per Terja Aasland, the Petroleum and Energy Minister, they are hoping to receive numerous good applications from relevant developers so that they can hand over the project areas later in 2023.

The Norwegian Offshore Wind Association, the national industry body, has gone on to praise this move by the government and has stated that Utsira Nord, because of this, could go on to become the world’s first large-scale floating offshore wind farm. The manager of the body, Arvid Nesse, opined that finally they are getting started.

He further added that it is indeed possible for them to get the floating turbines in the water much before this decade’s end if the process actually goes swiftly. This will be much before the Scots, who apparently had the areas allocated in the early half of 2022.