Ballast Nedam, Mammoet secure wind farm contract from Siemens

Dutch construction and infrastructure firm Ballast Nedam manufacturer of heavy lifting and transport machinery Mammoet have jointly secured a near shore wind farm contract from Siemens.

As per the terms of the contract, the two companies will work on the Noordoostpolder wind farm located in IJsselmeer, Netherlands.

Ballast Nedam will provide the engineering, supply and installation services for establishment of the foundations for 48 turbines.

Mammoet will then transport and install the turbines, each having a 3MW capacity. The turbines will be located 500 and 1100m offshore from the dikes of the North East Polder.

Turbine installation is scheduled to complete in 2015 and the turbines connected to the grid the same year, after the project achieves financial closure in 2014. The wind farm is expected to generate enough energy to power nearly 160,000 households.