Delaware Legislation Propels US Offshore Wind Sector Forward

The offshore wind sector in the US has embraced the recent approval of crucial legislation by the Delaware legislature, which establishes a 1200MW target for the state.

The trade group Oceantic Network indicated that the Delaware Energy Solutions Act of 2024 promotes regional collaboration and contains provisions for the efficient development of onshore transmission infrastructure.

The bill is now awaiting final approval from Governor John Carney, who has previously expressed his support. Once enacted, Delaware will join other East Coast states as a significant purchaser of offshore wind power, according to the group.

Additionally, the passage of this bill is expected to enhance Delaware’s ability to benefit economically from offshore wind development, including the creation of well-paying jobs within the state’s emerging offshore wind supply chain.

Sam Salustro, vice president of strategic communications at Oceantic Network, stated that the passage of the Delaware Energy Solutions Act marks a critical juncture for Delaware and an important milestone for the offshore wind industry along the East Coast.

Salustro added that Delaware has long been a leader in offshore wind innovation and strategy. With this new legislation, the state is poised to play a significant role in the regional supply chain’s development. The bill also establishes a procurement process for Delaware’s initial offshore wind projects and enhances the broader market by creating mechanisms for transmission siting to deliver wind energy to homes and businesses.

The Oceantic Network commended Senator Hansen, as well as Delaware’s stakeholders and advocates, for their efforts in advancing this legislation and urged Governor Carney to honor his commitment to sign the bill. The Network expressed its eagerness to continue supporting Delaware in building a robust supply chain.