Greenpeace Energy and QUADRA Energy conclude Green PPA on high-quality wind energy from existing WECs

The eco energy supplier Greenpeace Energy and the direct marketing company QUADRA Energy belonging to ENERCON concluded a ‘Green PPA’ framework agreement. It covers the purchase of high-quality wind energy from wind energy converters that will no longer receive funding under the EEG from 2021 onwards.

Within the scope of this cooperation, QUADRA Energy will pool existing ENERCON wind energy converters with a generation capacity of 50 megawatts (MW) to begin with, and will supply around 60 gigawatt-hours of high-quality wind energy to Greenpeace Energy every year. This amounts to approximately 13 percent of the total energy purchased by Greenpeace Energy. The conclusion of the ‘Green PPA’ is just the first step of the cooperation between the two companies. ‘QUADRA Energy is to become an important strategic partner for Greenpeace Energy in the future’, says Sönke Tangermann, board member at Greenpeace Energy.

‘The cooperation between our two companies enables operators and owners of existing WECs to continue operating them profitably’, says Dr Holger Clever, Managing Director of QUADRA Energy. Greenpeace Energy benefits from the ‘Green PPA’ due to the reliable ENERCON WEC technology and a service concept specially adapted to the new marketing situation. QUADRA Energy can guarantee the necessary planning security as a result and solves all other energy logistics issues. ‘Being able to guarantee proper operation of existing WECs with a tailored service concept provides us with the necessary prerequisites to integrate fluctuating wind energy into our purchasing plan. In turn, operators and owners are offered promising prospects for continued operation’, says Sönke Tangermann.

To coincide with the HUSUM Wind 2019 (10-13 September), QUADRA Energy is enabling operators and owners of existing WECs to be included in the QUADRA 20+ pool. For this purpose, QUADRA Energy and ENERCON have developed a service and marketing concept for operators and owners that is specially adapted to the situation after the EEG – the Green Power Purchase and Service Agreement (or ‘Green PPSA’). This means QUADRA Energy can tackle the new challenges operators and owners face with continued operation and offer them the necessary revenue security. ‘In developing our Green PPSA, we have created a comprehensive worry-free package for continued operation of older wind energy converters in a new market environment, with framework conditions that operators and owners are happy to accept’, says Dr Thomas Krings, Head of Sales at QUADRA Energy.

The existing Dorna wind farm in Saxony-Anhalt was the first to be added to the pool by QUADRA Energy. Thanks to the cooperation, the thirteen wind energy converters, that will no longer receive EEG remuneration from January 2021 onwards, can carry on operating at a profit until their scheduled repowering. Continuing to operate existing WECs after EEG funding leads to sustainable CO2 savings in the electricity system. Decommissioning WECs without plans to repower would otherwise lead to a situation where the electricity would be balanced with conventional generation.