Labour Floating Wind Offers Vast UK Manufacturing Potential

It is worth noting that commenting on the Labour’s plans so as to invest in floating wind, Jane Cooper, RenewableUK’s Executive Director when it comes to Offshore Wind, said that the UK is a world leader when it comes to offshore wind, and one can as well travel to parts of Wales such as Mostyn, where people happen to be already employed within the roles maintaining North Hoyle, Gwynt-y-Mor and Rhyl Flats wind farms. However, the development when it comes to floating wind at scale goes on to offer opportunities to build a far greater number of offshore wind farms across deeper and windier waters in the Celtic Sea, off the coast of South Wales as well as the south west of England, offering massive amounts of home-blown clean power.

They are delighted that Keir Starmer, Vaughan Gething as well as the Labour team are so committed when it comes to developing floating wind, and that they go on to recognize the huge economic opportunity this innovative tech goes on to offer to the south west of England and Wales, especially if one can develop ports such as Milford Haven along with Port Talbot so as to ensure they happen to be large enough to house new manufacturing as well as assembly facilities for turbines that are as tall as The Shard and also the platforms the size of football pitches.

The fact is that there is at present a huge decision on the desk of the government as far as floating offshore wind is concerned. The UK could go ahead and unlock investment in the Erebus wind farm in 2024, which is a world-leading project off the coast of Pembrokeshire, apart from the two other projects off the coasts of Scotland and the north east of England, by way of its upcoming clean power auction this summer. But the budget set out for that auction happens to be too low, thereby putting the growth at risk, and hence they are calling on the government so as to revise this at the earliest and fastest opportunity.