Largest Wind Farm Project In Portugal To Begin In Early 2025

Portugal’s government has given the green light for a new wind farm, set to become the country’s largest once completed. Renewable energy giant Iberdrola will incorporate the wind farm into the Tâmega pumped-storage hydro complex in northern Portugal, a significant feat in Europe’s recent hydropower development.

The wind farm, boasting a capacity of 274 MW, will support the annual energy needs of 128,000 homes. Iberdrola has committed to several measures to protect the environment surrounding the new facility.

Final Environmental Permit Secured for Tâmega Eólico Project

Iberdrola has obtained the second and final environmental permit for the Tâmega Eólico project, officially known as DCAPE (‘Decisão da conformidade ambiental do projeto de execução’ – Decision of Environmental Conformity of the Execution Project). The next step involves applying for a production license from the Portuguese Directorate General of Energy and Geology, with the company aiming to begin construction in early 2025.

This initiative will become Portugal’s largest hybrid clean energy project, utilizing the existing grid connection at the Tâmega complex to optimize capacity and output. According to Iberdrola, the synergy between the wind farm and the hydro complex will enhance production efficiency and infrastructure optimization.

Minimizing Environmental Impact: Iberdrola’s Commitment

To reduce environmental impact, the new wind farm will use the existing roads and facilities at the Tâmega complex. Iberdrola will also implement various measures to support local ecosystems, continuing initiatives like planting native species and managing forests. Additionally, the company will support wildlife by planting fruit trees, restoring ponds, and installing nest boxes for bats. Ecological Systems Monitoring Programs will track the health of bats, wolves, plants, and natural habitats in the area.

Tâmega: A Major Hydroelectric Achievement in Europe

The Tâmega hydropower project, one of Europe’s largest hydroelectric endeavors in the past 25 years, comprises three plants: the Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Power Plant (160 MW), the Gouvães Pumped Storage Plant (880 MW), and the Daivões Power Plant (118 MW), which have been operational since 2022. The complex produces 1,766 GWh annually, sufficient to power 440,000 homes in nearby municipalities and the cities of Braga and Guimarães.

With a storage capacity of 40 million kWh, the Tâmega complex can supply energy to 11 million people for a day. It also offsets 1.2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually and reduces the need to import over 160,000 tons of oil each year.