Natural Power sets up new wind farm portfolio information system in US

Natural Power has launched a new groundbreaking wind farm portfolio information system, WindManager for the US market.

The new system that increases profitability of wind farm operations to the US market was set up at the AWEA Wind Project Operations, Maintenance & Reliability Seminar in San Diego, California. WindManager is a turbine independent system based on latest international standards such as IEC 61400-25 and RDSPP.

The system is scalable from a single wind farm to large multisite wind farms. The system captures real-time data, presenting availability, losses and key performance while supplying tools for analysis, effective work processes and fact based decisions.

All processes are in place to increase profitability of wind farm operations. WindManager provides customers with four modules for effective wind farm operations: monitoring, analysis, operations and expertise. WindManager is brought to the US wind energy market in collaboration with Operations Management Software provider, Baze Technology. Their client base includes offshore wind farm Sheringham Shoal for Scira Offshore Energy, Arise Windpower’s portfolio in Sweden and others.