Nordex Awarded Contracts For 64.2 MW For Turkey

Nordex has received three contracts for the installation of its N117/2400 and the N117/3000 turbines in Turkey, totalling 64.2 MW.

The company will be supplying to the new customer Erdem Holding seven N117/3000 Generation Delta turbines for the “Odemis” wind farm. This order also includes a premium-service contract for a minimum period of five years.

The wind farm “Odemis” is located south east of Izmir, close to the Aegean coast of Turkey. The N117/3000 will be installed with a hub height of 91 metres. The rotor blades, towers and anchor cages will be produced in Turkey. Under the Turkish feed-in legislation, this will enable Erdem Holding to claim a higher feed-in tariff for the project.

“Odemis” is the first wind farm project executed by Erdem Holding, a group active in telecommunications, construction, natural gas distribution, production and recycling, which is now diversifying into energy production and renewable energies.

In order to expand its 30 MW “Edincik” wind farm to 56.4 MW, Nordex` regular customer Edincik Enerji ordered eleven N117/2400 turbines designed for light wind sites. With the expansion of the wind farm located on the southern coast of the Marmara Sea, Edincik Enerji is executing its second project with Nordex. Back in 2010 and 2012, the customer had ordered Nordex turbines for wind farms in the same region. The contract includes a Nordex premium service agreement for six years.

The third new signed contract is the extension of the existing 25 MW Bandirma III wind farm of the customer Bursa Temiz Enerji. Seven N117/2400 turbines will expand the wind farm close to the port city of Bandirma in the Marmara Region to 41.8 MW. The extension of “Bandirma III” is the second wind farm project from Bursa Temiz Enerji with Nordex.