Nordex wind turbines for wind power in France

The demands on the Nordex Group as a manufacturer of wind turbines are increasing with regard to its environmental performance – whether in the form of emission limits or the requirements for environmental product declarations (EPDs). More and more countries are setting ambitious climate targets and taking measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

France has the second largest wind resources in Europe. Installed capacity in the country last year amounted to more than 17,600 MW, with energy production of 39.7 TWh, 8.8% of French electricity consumption in 2020 (Source: FEE). The main French goals in the field of renewable energies are, on one hand, to increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix to 40% by 2030 and, on the other, to increase the share of wind energy to 23%. France is also assuming a pioneering role with regard to CO2-related tender requirements. Since the beginning of 2021 the country has imposed new tendering requirements that only allow wind turbines emitting less than 1,200 kg CO2e per kW of installed capacity to participate in the process. This new project selection standard must be proven with a life cycle assessment in accordance with the ISO 14044 standard. Within a worst-case scenario analysis, the Nordex Group has calculated a maximum value of 808 kg CO2e per kW of installed capacity for all its turbine types, well below the target of 1,200 kg CO2e per kW. These results are available to our customers as part of a manufacturer’s declaration of environmental performance conformity.

The French subsidiary Nordex France S.A.S was founded in 2001. Today, 20 years later, the company employs more than 320 people working to drive the energy transition in France. The French headquarter is located in Saint-Denis La Plaine, very close to the northern boundary of Paris. Since entering the market, Nordex France S.A.S. has built more than 1,050 turbines with a total installed capacity of more than 2.5 GW, with around 500 MW currently under construction. The Nordex Group’s product portfolio serves France’s complex low and medium wind sites very well. The N149/4.0-4.5, N149/5.X and N163/5.X from the Delta4000 series are among the most competitive turbines on the market, while the N117 and N131 from the Delta platform are still playing an important role in French sales. Strict requirements for noise emissions from wind turbines are in place in France. The Nordex Group faces this challenge with confidence: Equipped with 18 standard acoustic modes and combined with a flexible SCADA system, our Delta4000 systems operate under the quietest possible conditions while maximizing yield.

With a network of 18 service points, the company also offers the market an attractive range of operational and maintenance services, provided across the country by specially trained Nordex Group staff. Depending on customer requirements, these services can be adapted and tailored to individual needs.

Nordex is committed to the site-friendly expansion of wind energy in accordance with the values of the ‘Énergie Éolienne’ Ethics Charter of France.