Samsung, Pattern begin work on 270MW wind project in Canada

Samsung Renewable Energy Incorporated (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern) have secured financing and started construction work on the 270MW South Kent Wind project in Ontario, Canada.

The South Kent Wind project will utilize local wind turbines. The plant will feature 124 turbines, including towers manufactured by CS Wind and blades manufactured by Siemens. The electricity generated by the plant will offset the power requirements of 100,000 homes per annum.

The project will employ 300 workers as an average and almost 500 workers during construction peak. The project will offset emission of approximately 842,000 tons of carbon dioxide per annum and conserve water to meet the needs of approximately 23,600 people in the region.

The project forms an integral part of the CAD7 billion ($6.81 billion) program of Samsung to build and operate 2,500MW of wind and solar power in Ontario to develop the region as the largest renewable energy cluster in the world.