Siemens expands portfolio with 8 MW offshore wind turbine

Siemens’ direct drive wind turbine technology for offshore and onshore wind turbines reaches the next development milestone: The latest addition to the offshore direct drive platform, the SWT-8.0-154, represents yet another significant step towards grid parity for offshore wind. The 8-MW turbine is based on the existing offshore direct drive platform, incorporating only smaller evolutions.
The first SWT-8.0-154 will be installed in early 2017, and will allow for up to 10% higher annual energy production (AEP) under offshore wind conditions as compared to the 7-MW model. Once again, the offshore direct drive platform enables a significant reduction in the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) at low risk. Type certification for the 8-MW turbine is expected to be obtained at the beginning of 2018. At the same time, Siemens’ high performance wind turbine for medium to low onshore wind sites has reached the next milestone: The SWT-3.3-130 has successfully obtained type certification from DNV GL.

The upgrade of the offshore direct drive wind turbine to eight megawatts (MW) is made possible through the introduction of new magnet technology with an even higher grade than that introduced in the SWT-7.0-154. This enables a rated power increase of more than 14% from 7.0 to 8.0 MW. Similar to the previous upgrade from 6.0 MW to 7.0 MW, the 8-MW turbine will benefit from the established supply chain and proven components of offshore direct drive technology. These components include the B75 blade and the medium-voltage transformer of the SWT-8.0-154. Since the higher rating will be achieved with only a few component upgrades, customers will again benefit from fast time-to-market and low risk as the key value drivers.

“We are relentlessly working on lowering the levelized cost of energy, and the offshore direct drive platform enables us to do this with the lowest possible risk,” says Michael Hannibal, CEO for Offshore at Siemens’ Wind Power and Renewables Division. “With the same proven reliability as our successful 6 and 7-MW models, the SWT-8.0-154 will be the new benchmark for gearless offshore wind technology on the market.”

Siemens’ direct drive technology has an excellent track record. Approximately 150 offshore direct drive wind turbines rated at 6 MW have already been installed and commissioned. Two SWT-7.0-154 prototypes, installed at the Østerild test site in Northwestern Denmark, are performing well above expectations. The SWT-8.0-154 prototype is planned to be installed by early 2017. Onshore, a total of 1,240 Siemens direct drive onshore wind turbines are in operation worldwide as of end of March 2016.
DNV GL type certification for SWT-3.3-130
Siemens has obtained type certification from the DNV GL certifying body for the company’s innovative SWT-3.3-130 onshore wind turbine. The high performance direct drive machine for medium to low wind conditions is rated at 3.3 MW and equipped with a 130-meter diameter rotor. It introduces a new generation of the proven direct drive onshore product platform. The official certificate is a further step on the way to serial production of the turbine. As part of the certification process, DNV GL experts were provided full access to the engineering design details, to Siemens assembly facilities and to the SWT-3.3-130 prototype installed at the test site in Høvsøre, Denmark. Evaluation included assessment of the maturity of the turbine design, its manufacturing, installation and commissioning processes and the related documentation.
“Innovation is an ongoing process in the development of our direct drive technology,” states Morten Pilgaard Rasmussen, Head of Technology at Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division. “Our direct drive technology featuring permanent magnet generators gives us a solid, forward-looking base to meet current and future demands in offshore and onshore markets.”
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