UK Offshore Wind Expansion To Benefit Millions of Houses

To reach the UK government’s target of increasing offshore wind power capacity from 13.7 GW to 50 GW by 2030 (a 265% increase), one of a global technology firm estimates that 24 additional wind farms with an average capacity of 1.5 GW must be operational within the next seven years. This would raise the UK’s offshore wind electricity supply from 18% to 62%, providing renewable energy to approximately 29.98 million homes and surplus power for 37 million homes in neighboring countries. The global technology firm, with expertise in the offshore wind sector, highlights the necessary measures to achieve this 265% capacity increase on Global Wind Day 2023.

In order to meet the UK’s ambitious goals, global technology firm must work together to discover methods for cutting costs in the development of new wind farms, expediting planning and permitting processes, ensuring a secure supply chain, and implementing upgrades to the network infrastructure. It’s success in these efforts could help the UK resolve its energy pricing crisis, greatly increase its export capacity, and deliver cleaner electricity to industries and consumers.

It is actively engaged in seven significant offshore projects across the UK, collectively amounting to 9 GW of offshore wind power capacity. Among these projects is the world’s largest wind farm, situated more than 130 km off the northeast coast of England at Dogger Bank. The firm’s technology and engineering solutions serve as a central gateway, facilitating the efficient transmission of electricity generated by wind turbines to the national grid and subsequently to households. Its automation and electrification solutions play a vital role in reducing operational costs, optimizing production, minimizing energy losses, and ensuring the secure and reliable integration of power into the grid.

Wind power currently represents 32.4% of the UK’s electricity generation, surpassing gas for the first time. With its exceptional cost-effectiveness, wind power is currently over 50 percent cheaper than gas-generated electricity. By 2030, the UK’s offshore wind sector will create over 66,000 new jobs. The UK Government’s net zero plan, Powering Up Britain, includes accelerating offshore wind deployment to boost energy security, reduce bills, and maintain global leadership in net zero. The plan also allocates £160 million in funding to initiate the necessary infrastructure investments required for the expansion of floating offshore wind farms.