WindEurope urges EU to safeguard generation from coronavirus

European wind energy association WindEurope is urging EU governments to safeguard the wind energy sector, which is being highly impacted by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. WindEurope asked countries to recognise the wind industry’s role in ensuring electricity security, focusing specifically on continuing the operation and maintenance of wind farms.

WindEurope said: “Reliable electricity supply is a prerequisite for the functioning of public services, such as national health care systems – and therefore more important than ever.

“Governments have rightfully taken steps to ensure that the operation and maintenance of wind farms continue across Europe.”

The association has also asked governments to allow essential manufacturing, especially of components that are fundamental for the production of wind energy.

“It is critical that the wind industry can continue to produce essential equipment in its factories,” added WindEurope.

The wind power sector provides 15% of the electricity consumed by European countries, with the European Commission (EC) estimating it will reach 50% by 2050.