Improving turbine reliability to 99.9% will require new data analysis approaches across the industry, according to a researcher linked to Sandia National Laboratories. 

German-based Renusol GmbH is among the fastest  growing businesses on the European market for PV mounting systems. Renusol America was established in January 2011 in Atlanta to service the American market and, along with Renusol GmbH, was acquired by Ohio-based RBI Solar in June, 2014.

RBI Solar 
is now a turn-key supplier of solar mounting systems, specializing in ground mount, roof mount, landfill solar, and custom designed specialty solar structures.

This February, Renusol GmbH is introducing a new ballasted flat-roof mounting system for mounting south-facing photovoltaic panels. The commercial and agricultural building system requires few components and uses especially short rails.

“Renusol is increasingly emphasizing simple mounting systems that can be installed very quickly and comfortably at the construction site,” said Sven Kuenzel, managing director of Renusol. “For example, our product developers have opted for an innovative screw joint that works without a nut, meaning that fewer movements are needed. Since the rails are delivered pre-punched, there is also no need to take cumbersome measurements on site, which decreases installation errors.”

SolarWorld also offers a wide variety of panel mounting options, including its new EcoX, a rail-less racking system that offers a clean aesthetic, simplified logistics, and “delivers a higher quality installation at a lower-cost-per-watt.”

The list of solar panel mounting options is long and has far more manufacturers than we can name in this article. Should you wish to know more, here is Solar Power World’s 2014 list of the tops solar mounting products. One thing you can know for certain in this wide world of mounting options: expect more in the way of innovations and competitive pricing.

A stockpile of solar panels quickly becomes ineffectual without having a proper mounting system for the roof.

And as you might imagine, there is no one-size-fits-all for mounting systems. Nor do manufacturers stand in the same lineup with the same kind of products. And there are many, many choices.

Quick Mount PV recently announced US solar manufacturer SolarWorld was following an industry trend away from the use of long rails in mounting solar panels and shifting emphasis toward a rail-free racking system. The rationale? The latter’s cost savings in materials, labor, storage, and shipping.

Rail-free racking fixes solar panels directly to individual roof mounts, instead of standard long rails.

The development of wind power in India began in the 1990s, and has progressed steadily in the last few years. The short gestation periods for installing wind turbines, and the increasing reliability and performance of wind energy machines have made wind power a favored choice for capacity addition in India. Currently, India has the fifth 1 largest installed wind power capacity in the world. Wind power accounts for 6% of 2 India's total installed power capacity, and it generates 1.6% of the country's power . It 3 is estimated that 6,000 MW of additional wind power capacity will be installed in India between 2010 and 2012, taking the total installed capacity beyond 15,000 MW. In addition to the progress made in wind turbine installed capacities, the progress of the overall wind energy ecosystem has been encouraging as well. Pointers to this are the increasing number of component manufacturers and the rapid utilization of India's land for wind energy. While the growth of wind power in India was largely driven by tax incentives until recently, it is expected that more IPPs (independent power producers) will be interested in investing in this segment with the recent announcement of generation-based incentives

Questions By Power Info Today (From Pgafrica)

1. Which country, with significant gas deposits, is leading the way for furthering gas-to-power projects to meet growing electricity demand?

Market Movers

Allete, Inc.

NYQ : ALE - 26 May, 4:02pm
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Open 72.96 Mktcap 3.72B
High 73.52 52wk Hight 73.52
Low 72.84 52wk Low 56.48
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Currency: USD

Alliant Energy Corporation

NYQ : LNT - 26 May, 4:03pm
-0.20 (-0.48%) After Hours:
Open 41.52 Mktcap 9.42B
High 41.64 52wk Hight 41.64
Low 41.23 52wk Low 34.88
Vol 958560 Avg Vol 1.44M
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Currency: USD

CMS Energy Corporation

NYQ : CMS - 26 May, 4:01pm
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Open 47.34 Mktcap 13.28B
High 47.50 52wk Hight 47.50
Low 47.24 52wk Low 38.78
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Currency: USD

Consolidated Edison, Inc.

NYQ : ED - 26 May, 4:01pm
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Open 82.10 Mktcap 25.07B
High 82.40 52wk Hight 82.40
Low 81.85 52wk Low 68.76
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Currency: USD

Duke Energy Corporation (Holdin

NYQ : DUK - 26 May, 4:01pm
-0.07 (-0.08%) After Hours:
Open 85.19 Mktcap 59.54B
High 85.35 52wk Hight 87.75
Low 84.95 52wk Low 72.34
Vol 2.02M Avg Vol 2.75M
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Currency: USD

Exelon Corporation

NYQ : EXC - 26 May, 4:01pm
-0.21 (-0.58%) After Hours:
Open 36.01 Mktcap 33.17B
High 36.08 52wk Hight 37.70
Low 35.73 52wk Low 29.82
Vol 5.70M Avg Vol 5.11M
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Currency: USD

NorthWestern Corporation

NYQ : NWE - 26 May, 4:02pm
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Open 61.45 Mktcap 2.98B
High 61.50 52wk Hight 63.75
Low 61.12 52wk Low 53.85
Vol 138354 Avg Vol 434689
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Currency: USD

SCANA Corporation

NYQ : SCG - 26 May, 4:02pm
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Open 67.96 Mktcap 9.70B
High 68.21 52wk Hight 76.41
Low 67.71 52wk Low 64.20
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UNITIL Corporation

NYQ : UTL - 26 May, 4:02pm
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Open 47.88 Mktcap 669.14M
High 47.88 52wk Hight 48.88
Low 47.26 52wk Low 37.31
Vol 19963 Avg Vol 35922
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Currency: USD

Westar Energy, Inc.

NYQ : WR - 26 May, 4:03pm
+0.05 (+0.09%) After Hours:
Open 52.92 Mktcap 7.52B
High 53.04 52wk Hight 57.50
Low 52.71 52wk Low 50.35
Vol 526475 Avg Vol 918623
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Currency: USD

WEC Energy Group, Inc.

NYQ : WEC - 26 May, 4:01pm
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Open 62.48 Mktcap 19.71B
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Low 62.40 52wk Low 53.66
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