Pöyry to provide technical consultancy services for Xayaburi hydro project in Laos

Pöyry, through its energy business group, will provide technical consultancy services for the construction of the 1,285MW Xayaburi hydropower project, comprising 8 Kaplan turbines.

The company will supervise the project’s progression as a Government of Lao Engineer, supporting both the government as well as the project’s owner Xayaburi Power Company.

For the 8-year implementation period, Pöyry will review the design and supervise the construction of the project.

Energy production from the hydro plant can provide clean electricity to nearly 1 million people in Lao and 3 million people in Thailand.

Pöyry Energy business group president Ari Asikainen said that the lifespan of a run-off river power plant can reach up to 100 years and during this period it will provide affordable clean renewable energy to Laos and Thailand.

“Through this assignment Pöyry is committed to monitor the construction of the hydropower plant and its compliance with the Mekong River Commission guidelines, including the proposed technical design improvements and additional studies,” Asikainen added.