ACUMEN Core Monitoring System Now Operating at Two U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

Global Nuclear Fuel announced that its ACUMEN™ core monitoring system has been installed and is now operating at two U.S. nuclear power plants.

Through advanced software, the ACUMEN system monitors and predicts fuel performance based on neutron instrumentation inputs, providing operators with the data they need to improve the performance of the reactor core. The ACUMEN core monitoring system became the official system at a plant in the Midwest in March and at a plant in the Northeast in April.

“These plant installations are the culmination of years of extensive design and development performed by GNF engineers,” said Amir Vexler, CEO of GNF. “The ACUMEN core monitoring system unites plant data, engineering and analytics to enhance decision making.”

The next generation system follows in the footsteps of the legacy GNF 3D MONICORE system which has provided core monitoring at more than 20 nuclear power plants over the past three decades.

With a state-of-the-art, fully customizable interface and strong focus on cybersecurity, the ACUMEN core monitoring system combines a data warehouse with a unified visual toolset to transform data into usable, actionable information.

About GNF
Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF) is a world-leading supplier of boiling water reactor fuel and fuel-related engineering services. GNF is a GE-led joint venture with Hitachi, Ltd. and Toshiba Corporation and operates primarily through Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas, LLC in Wilmington, N.C., and Global Nuclear Fuel-Japan Co., Ltd. in Kurihama, Japan.