Costain wins construction deal for 10 nuclear decommissioning sites in UK

Costain Nuclear Process has secured a contract from Magnox to undertake construction, infrastructure and maintenance work across 10 nuclear decommissioning sites in the UK.

Under the deal, worth £2.7m, Costain will renovate the upper structure of the safestores, or reactor buildings, at Trawsfynydd power station in Wales, UK.

The deal will also see Costain improve the integrity of the structures with steel sections attached to the internal surfaces of the safestores buildings.

Costain’s scope of work will also include the design and provision of scaffolding and access platforms, as well as putting in place intricate lifting plans.

Costain operations director for nuclear process Chris Scott said that safety plays an important role in the project.

“Not only are we working at a considerable height, but we also need to improve the integrity of the structure by pinning steel bars to the inside of the walls and bracing the concrete structure,” Scott added.

Work began on the mobilisation phase of the project in January 2013, while construction is due to start in March.

Costain was awarded a place on the £288m infrastructure, construction and enablers (ICE) framework with Magnox in September 2012.