Exelon to upgrade emergency sirens at Mid-Atlantic nuclear facilities

US-based energy provider Exelon Generation has announced to upgrade all of the 42 emergency sirens at its Oyster Creek Generating Station nuclear facility.

The sirens will be upgraded within the 10 mile radius of the 636MW nuclear plant, located 60 miles east of Philadelphia in Ocean County, New Jersey. The power generated from the plant is sufficient for 600,000 typical homes.

Exelon is investing $2m to upgrade the sirens at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant as a part of its $11m project that involves replacing all the 400 sirens surrounding Exelon’s Mid-Atlantic nuclear facilities, including Limerick Generating Station, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, and Three Mile Island Generating Station.

Oyster Creek Generating Station site vice president Garey Stathes said upgrading the sirens is part of the company’s emergency plan.

“While we are confident in our current siren system, the replacement system provides additional features such as battery backup and the best available technology,” Stathes added.

The emergency sirens will warn the residents around these facilities about the fires, floods or weather-related emergencies and give a signal to immediately tune to the local Emergency Alert Station.