Bidirectional Transmission of H2 Planned By Bulgaria, Greece

Bulgartransgaz EAD, the Bulgarian gas transmission system operator, and its Greek peer, DESFA SA, are collaborating on the creation of two hydrogen projects across their respective territories, which could perhaps form the basis for a future route right from Southeastern to Central Europe.

As per the Bulgarian company, it is being mentioned in its draught Ten-Year Network Development Plan for the 2023–2032 period, for which it opened a public consultation on April 21.

Mentioned in the plan is an infrastructure project that is worth almost EUR 860 million, not including VAT, and envisages the formation of a 250-kilometre pipeline that would stretch from Bulgaria’s Sofia region to Greece’s Sidirokastro.

The pipeline is to be suitable for transporting almost 100% hydrogen and shall go on to create conditions when it comes to hydrogen’s bidirectional cross-border transmission between both countries.

It is well to be noted that the project on the Bulgarian side happens to be in the early phase of development and is anticipated to be commissioned by 2029, as per the document.

Bulgartransgaz has gone on to say that the scheme happens to have the full potential to be awarded the stature to fall under Important Project of Common European Interest- IECEI.

Bulgartransgaz also states in the document that it intends to retrofit the present infrastructure related to gas transmission within the country so as to ensure its suitability for functioning with up to 10% hydrogen.

The cost of this upgrade is anticipated to touch EUR 438 million, excluding VAT. The interested parties of the concerned operation can share their opinions, comments, and proposals on the draught 10-year plan by April 30.