JAIF – Nucleareurope Unite To Understand Nuclear Energy Use

It has come to light that the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) has strengthened its bond with nucleareurope, the European trade association for nuclear energy. As per a Memorandum of Understanding, the JAIF as well as nucleareurope have agreed to promote the understanding of the utilisation of nuclear energy when it comes to diverse purposes.

The two parties are also going to expand their support for nuclear power, which will be a part of solving energy security challenges as well as the climate crisis.

Besides this, JAIF and nucelareurope also seek to support the acceleration of nuclear technology innovation as well as share information that’s related to business environments that happen to be conducive in terms of technological development and also the introduction of small modular reactors and advanced reactors, amongst other elements.

The present Memorandum of Understanding builds on the previous partnerships that have taken place between JAIF and nucelareurope that was inked in 2012.