Hydrogen: GAZ-SYSTEM And Energinet Form Alliance For European Energy transition and security

GAZ·SYSTEM, Poland’s natural gas transmission system operator, and Denmark’s transmission system operator Energinet, have formalized their commitment towards accelerating Europe’s energy transition and fortifying regional energy security, through the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation.

This understanding was cemented during the Baltic Pipe gala event and underscores the operators’ shared dedication to decarbonization, with a particular emphasis on green gases and the proliferation of low to zero-carbon energy sources,including biomethane and hydrogen.

The central objective of the GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet alliance is to guarantee a stable and unceasing supply of natural gas via the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. Moreover, both operators intend to exploit the Baltic Pipe’s spare capacity by involving market stakeholders across the Baltic Sea region, Central and Eastern Europe,and Ukraine. They have also pledged to align their endeavors with the EU’s climate goals by shaping and implementing national strategies that facilitate energy transition.

To realize their ambitions,GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet will engage with international industry organizations and form specialized joint working groups. These groups wi I concentrate on diverse research and development sectors, such as the Baltic Pipe,biomethane, and hydrogen, to propel innovation and enforce necessary actions.

Besides their immediate targets, (he operators are also committed to joint efforts on sectoral priorities during the upcoming Polish and Danish presidencies of the Council of the European Union in 2025. This collaboration further exemplifies their dedication to influencing the energy scenario at both regional and European levels.

The successful comple(ion and operation of the Baltic Pipe pipeline in the previous year stand as a testame nt to the rewarding collaboration between GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet. This pipeline,which connects Norwegian gas pipelines in the North Sea to the Danish and Polish gas systems, assures a steady and diverse gas supply across Denmark and the Baltic Sea region.

The newly signed Memorandum of Cooperation expands upon a joint political declaration made by Baltic Sea countries in August 2022. In this statement, eight countries – Poland,Sweden,Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark – committed to boost cooperation in energy supply and green energy development. The collaborative endeavor between GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet marks a significant stride towards fulfilling this collective vision of a secure and sustainable energy future in Europe.