China will bring total installed wind energy and solar power capacity to more than 1.2 billion KW by 2030

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday that China will bring its total installed wind power and solar energy capacity to more than 1.2 billion kilowatts by 2030.

China is now committing to reduce its emissions per unit of GDP by “more than 65%” compared to the level of 2005 (compared to the previous goal of a reduction of between 60% and 65%). In addition, Xi Jinping has ensured that in 2030 the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption will increase by 25% (five points more than the previous promise) and that it will multiply its current wind and solar capacity almost by three. “China’s effort will increase to reduce carbon intensity and ensure rapid growth of wind and solar power over the next decade. However, Beijing has the potential to do more ”, said Li Shuo, from the environmental organization Greenpeace.

Only the EU and China accumulate almost 30% of global emissions (with approximately 10% and 30% respectively of the gases expelled in 2018). The Chinese announcement, together with the expected return of the United States to the Paris Agreement and the new objective of the EU, now relaunch the fight against climate change, which has suffered a paralysis during Trump’s four years.