GE Renewable Energy awarded Vietnamese wind farm contract

GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has been awarded a contract by Ocean Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company to supply a total of 15 of GE’s 4 MW-137 wind turbines to support construction of the Cau Dat Wind Farm, the first wind farm in Lâm Ðông province in Vietnam. The contract also provides a 10-year full service operation and maintenance agreement for the wind farm.

The GE 4.0-137 is a 4 MW power output wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 137 m. It is an upgrade of GE’s 3 MW platform family with the same proven hardware and improved performance of the system providing higher energy production. The turbines, which will have a hub height of 111.5 m, are ideally suited to exploit the wind conditions in the mountainous range of Lâm Ðông province in the Central Highland region of Vietnam. This is the first partnership with Ocean Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company. Both companies have been working closely for a year on wind farm design, layout, transportation and engineering.

Construction of the Cau Dat wind farm, which is expected to be completed by 3Q2021, will provide immense benefits for the economy of the province, creating jobs during the initial construction period and ongoing employment opportunities in operations, maintenance and project support services throughout the agreement period.

GE Renewable Energy is a long-term partner in supporting Vietnam’s energy transition by bringing its innovative technology to support the country in its efforts to power household with sustainable energy. Vietnam has seen an increase in demand for energy and this wind project further expands the company’s contribution in providing technological support for a variety of power generation projects throughout the country. GE Renewable Energy Vietnam has more than 1600 employees, and is one of the only wind OEMs with a manufacturing footprint in the country.