GWEC and RE100 join forces to accelerate renewable energy sourcing

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), located in Brussels, partnered with The Climate Group’s RE100 to bring corporate commitment to renewable electricity sourcing in emerging markets.

GWEC’s membership includes wind energy manufacturers, developers, utilities, IPPs and service companies. RE100 has 200 global companies that have made commitments to use 100% renewable energy by a certain timeframe.

There is strong matchmaking potential between the parties’ member companies on the demand and supply sides of wind energy. This will be particularly impactful in emerging and developing markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America, where many RE100 members have significant operations but limited options for sourcing renewables.

Ben Backwell, CEO of GWEC, said, “Corporate commitment to scaling up renewable energy sourcing and streamlining procurement processes will be crucial to enable the energy transition, and this is particularly significant in the Asia-Pacific region where there is significant industrial activity that still relies on fossil fuels.”

Also, Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, said, “The RE100 membership has grown rapidly in the last year, with over 40% of new joiners from the Asia-Pacific. We are delighted to partner with the Global Wind Energy Council to grow our reach even further. We’ll be applying lessons learnt across Europe and North America to accelerate change on a truly global scale – enabling many more companies to seize the benefits of 100 per cent renewable power.”