Plans By Australia Building A Resilient Energy Landscape

Powering Australia

The Powering Australia initiative by the Australian Government is focused on bolstering renewable energy to generate employment, lower energy costs, and decrease emissions. The plan encompasses various commitments regarding:

  1. Australian leadership
  2. Support for industries, agriculture, and carbon farming
  3. Enhancing the transport sector
  4. Upgrading electricity systems

This strategy capitalizes on Australia’s abundant natural resources to drive growth, foster new industries, and establish the nation as a renewable energy leader.

National Energy Performance Strategy

Aligned with legislated emissions reduction targets, the National Energy Performance Strategy plays a pivotal role in aiding Australia to attain the emission reduction objectives of 43% by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels) and net zero by 2050. This strategy provides a long-term framework to:

  1. Alleviate energy cost pressures
  2. Enhance energy reliability
  3. Cut down emissions
  4. Foster a high-performance energy economy

The strategy’s next phase involves consultation, which was initiated with a discussion paper released in November 2022 for stakeholder input.

Bilateral Energy Agreements

The Australian Government is actively developing bilateral energy and emissions reduction agreements in collaboration with state and territory governments. These agreements are designed to enhance energy reliability and affordability, while also promoting the adoption of low-emission technologies within energy markets.

Energy Security And Emergency Management

Our department is committed to ensuring the security of domestic and international energy supply chains, encompassing electricity, gas, and liquid fuel. We actively engage in emergency management forums, facilitating effective communication and cooperation between government bodies and industry stakeholders during energy supply crises.

Fuel Security

In order to safeguard Australia’s long-term fuel supplies, the government is implementing a range of measures to ensure adequate supply during emergencies and in the future. These measures aim to bolster the country’s fuel security.

Future Fuels Strategy

The Future Fuels Strategy envisions an environment that empowers consumer choice, drives industry development, and reduces emissions in road transport. The strategy paper explores a mix of technologies to achieve these goals.

Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy

The National Hydrogen Strategy outlines a vision for a competitive, safe, and innovative hydrogen industry, positioning Australia as a global leader by 2030.

Establishing Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Regulating offshore renewable energy infrastructure within Australian Commonwealth waters is a government priority. Numerous areas with potential for offshore renewable energy infrastructure are being explored.

Trajectory For Low-Energy Buildings

The national Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings plan seeks to achieve zero-energy and carbon-ready commercial and residential buildings across Australia.